Frequently asked questions

What is BTCI?


  • BTCI has paid for a system and strategies that the elites use and have developed a way to do the same without having millions of dollars in resources to use. We realized that the cost of these systems ( that are worth every penny) are still more money then what the average person can do. So that is why we put this program together that will benefit every party involved.
  • BTCI is doing this for 2 reasons: to help average hard-working people to take control of their financial lives and generate a passive income and  also to be able to learn the program ourselves to become financially independent.
  • BTCI thinks that it is time that the 99% start getting what we deserve!
  • BTCI allows everyone to get into a program that would cost at least $5000 and then have the knowledge to implement it and turn it into residual weekly income the rest of your life (IF you follow our strategies).
  • BTCI is not MLM, Affiliate marketing, ponzi scheme. BTCI is not an investment company. You will not have to buy, sell or bug anybody about this. We are not another internet “program” that promises you the world but not realistic in the real world.
  • BTCI leverages a large portion of membership dues into one contract to create profits that will eventually give everyone their own contract so they can receive passive income from it.

 Would you be willing to give a monthly payment of $20, $49 or $99 to do what the 1%ers do to make money? Would you be willing to do that for the ability to get a return of $6000 back and using that to potentially create a monthly or even weekly passive income? Would you be willing to do what BTCI Inc. has spent over $50,000 to do — but for way less?