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99% of people work for their money, the 1% have their money work form them-- be the 1%


By Being A Purely Passive Income Opportunity

Everyone is looking for ways to make passive income, with passive income streams, passive income investments, and passive income opportunities — I hear it all the time.

BTCI is a unique passive income opportunity for those who want and NEED to make extra money –Real money– But who don’t have extra time or money for a business– and who are sick of all the online marketing schemes– This is TRULY PASSIVE INCOME.

You, like most people are probably fed up with joining businesses, chasing people down to recruit them, only to have them quit and lose your entire downline (PLUS lose any income stream you had going).

Who wants to start over again and again? I guarantee you that none of us do!  Maybe you have always wanted to make money from home online — maybe you are even a work from home mom…  If you want to REALLY  know how to make extra money from home — please read on.

BTCI provides you an opportunity to tap into the way the 1% (7-figure earners) make money. It’s called LEVERAGE. The kind of thing that leaves the 99% of us OUT of luck.

BTCI Inc. is a membership based company that will teach and show how to make your money work for YOU rather than you working for money. It’s called working SMARTER not HARDER.

BTCI Inc. is not a online business. It’s not crowdfunding or gifting.

It’s an opportunity to be part of our membership company to leverage our profits. This can be done with one of 3 different monthly payment plans. Your return will be $6000 in due time. HOW DO YOU MAKE this payout? We work in tandem with and use a professional Financial Strategies company where they help us with financial investment strategies to earn returns like the 1%ers do — in other words, we are leveraging our resources together. 

In due time, (time-frames are impossible to calculate because of the variables) — we pay out $6000 to EVERY ONE of our members. Then we get members in contact with the same institution that we purchased the strategies from and help set up an account and members can use the system themselves– to potentially turn this into passive, residual income for the rest of their lives!  

Although there is no way to pin down the exact time of your payout. The monthly memberships are first-in first-out. Your BTCI membership will give you the information and strategies you need to get high returns that could potentially make residual income for life, if you follow the steps exactly.

There are 3 levels to the membership and a one time Admin Fee: 

The one time Admin fee is $97

The 3 monthly payment plans are Bronze Level – $20, Silver level –  $49 and Gold Level -$99. To see the differences in plans go to our Membership Levels page. There are No Refunds on the monthly payment. *NOTE* you can have as many personal accounts/payouts as you would like. Simply pay the admin fee, choose your level, and use a separate email for each account. You can also have accounts for family members including children. You can also repeat the payout again 2 more times per account at the silver and then the gold level.

Then you simply sit back and wait. Patiently. *Remember, because there are so many variables, time-frames are impossible to estimate. See the About page to learn how this works and how we are able to do this.

BUT unlike those other “programs” out there that “guarantee to make you millionaires by next week” –we don’t make promises to make you a millionaire –but we DO promise to give you an opportunity to change your life –in a way that otherwise might not ever have been available to you.

Why would BTCI do this? Because this levels the playing field –and allows normal, everyday people like you and me to actually have a chance at making an income that most of us can only dream of. We all know that old saying is true, “It takes money to make money.”

The sooner you get started the sooner your life can change. This is a LIMITED opportunity and will be closing soon.

Get started today! Click the Take Action Now button below. Becoming a Member of BTCI is unlike any other opportunity out there. It’s an opportunity to be part of our membership family to help you leverage your income with other members. Then we show you what the professional traders do and use strategies that were previously known unto them alone. This once-in-a-lifetime opportunity allows you to leave the 99%ers (broke) and to POSSIBLY (See General Disclaimer below) become a 1%er (6 – 7 figure earner).  Your return will be $6000 in due time. (Read FAQs page). Your membership will give you the information and strategies you need to learn how to make money trading options, how to make money trading stocks, and how to create passive income investments. Then we will show you how to turn that $6000 return into potential passive residual income for the rest of your life if you follow these strategies. 

**You ONLY need $20 a month for the Bronze Level. You DO NOT need to know or understand options trading. You just pay your monthly membership to receive your $6000 in due time.** See Membership Levels page.


This is not “too good to be true”… It’s leveraging smart strategies to make our money work for us. Read ↓↓

**WHAT you are paying for and HOW you “earn” $6000?


  • You are paying for a monthly membership that allows you to learn passive income investments strategies, how to make money trading options, how to set up a brokerage account, mindset training, and more. 
–HOW YOU “EARN” $6000:
  • You don’t earn it. YOU don’t do anything for it. What BTCI does is teaches and trains you as mentioned above + you get a trading strategy that you can already use. Then we take the membership dues and apply these same strategies to yield returns that we in turn turn around and share with our members. HOW can we afford to do this? Because we are pooling 80% of the dues (we have little overhead)… and by applying these very strategies as per above  — we are able to earn high yields and then pay 95% of that to our members. 

BTCI gives you a chance to improve your life!

It's YOUR life, break the chains and live like you deserve to!

It's all legal, safe, and with little risk to you.

The Small Print


Here at BTCI we leverage our profits to do what the 1%ers do to help you reach your financial goals!

 Let BTCI help you feel empowered by doing what all the 1%ers do everyday but don’t want you to know about or make it so impossible to do!

With just a name and a good email address you will be in line to start doing what all the big money people do!

*BTCI is not traders, brokers, or a law firm, any information that is given by BTCI should not be taken as financial or law advice.